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Curved Mayo Scissors

Curved Mayo Scissors

Amongst the variety of scissors which are used in the medical profession, mayo scissors are a kind of surgical scissors.
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Amongst the variety of scissors which are used in the medical profession, mayo scissors are a kind of surgical scissors. Amongst the mayo scissors, the curved blade mayo scissor is a type within the category of surgical scissors.

Curved mayo scissors are associated with cutting connective tissue called fascia which has many layers to it. The tissue which is cut using the cured mayo scissor is located between the muscles and the skin.

The curved mayo scissors allow the surgeon to reach the wound which is deep inside the skin; this instrument allows penetration to the wound in a way which cannot be achieved by the straight blade mayo scissor. The thick tissue can easily be cut with the curved blade. Areas where the curved mayo scissor is appropriate for use is the tissue in the muscle, the tissue in the uterus, the foot and the breast. These scissors are used in a way that the tips are placed inside the tissue. The tips are closed when being put inside and once inside, they are opened allowing the tissue to spread.

Curved mayo scissors are made using stainless steel and/or titanium. These scissors have a brushed/polished finish. These scissors are available in the standard size which measures between 6 and 6 ¾ inches in length. Extra long sizes of this scissor can also be found. Curved mayo scissors are used by all divisions in the medical profession and hence come under the category of gynecology instruments, orthopedic instruments and ENT instruments to name a few. gynecology doctors specifically can make use of these scissors in their work. pioneer surgical provides these curved mayo scissors to surgeons and doctors. The quality of the instruments provided by pioneer surgical is of the utmost quality in terms of manufacturing as well as quality.

Curved mayo scissors which are made using stainless steel are available at quite a reasonable price whereas the scissors made using titanium are much more expensive. This is because titanium does not rust very easily and the quality of titanium is much higher than that of stainless steel. Stainless steel however is the most common material with which most instruments are made today. Curved mayo scissors are even found in disposable stainless steel types which are commonly sold in packs of 6. These packs are used on a general basis by most hospitals. This is much more convenient since the instruments do not have to be sterilized and can simply be discarded. No matter what kind of curved mayo scissor you are looking for, you will be able to find it at pioneer surgical as they have an assortment of surgical instruments for use, all of which are made with the best quality material available at an affordable price.

The category of mayo scissors are found in straight blade scissors as well however these scissors are more commonly used to cut tissue which is found closer to the wound, nearer to the surface. The curved mayo scissor on the other hand goes in much deeper to repair wounds well inside the tissue and muscles.

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