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Doyen Director

Doyen Director

A doyen director or a doyen retractor as it may be known as is a kind of gynecological instrument which is specifically made to be used in pelvic operations.
Detailed Description

A doyen director or a doyen retractor as it may be known as is a kind of gynecological instrument which is specifically made to be used in pelvic operations.

The doyen director is an instrument which is used to hold organs back while the surgery is being conducted. It also keeps in keeping open the edges of incisions which have been made. Since the doyen directors need to be steady while they are in place, they are made using high quality stainless steel which gives them the sturdiness which they require. This way the instrument can be used throughout the surgery without causing any problems and instead, providing clear visual to the surgeon. Another reason as to why stainless steel is the opted material with which to make doyen directors is because it can withstand the temperatures which the instrument must undergo to be sterilized to be reused.

The doyen director also helps in protecting the bladder by retracting it when surgery is being performed. This is done with the help of the curvature and the smooth edges of the gynecological instrument.

Surgeons make use of the doyen director to hold tissues and other organs in place which help in the detection and the presence of wounds in various parts of the body. Despite having a number of uses, the doyen director along with other retractors are commonly used to keep incisions open and to provide a clear view of the surgical site.

 Surgical retractors such as the doyen director are very essential to the surgery since they expose the surgical field to the surgeon. This particular applies to gynecological procedures which are focused on the pelvis because the area is not very wide and using gynecological instruments like the doyen director help in exposing the area for the surgeon to have a better view. Having clear vision is extremely important for the surgeon so that the least amount of trauma is inflicted to the tissue which surrounds the area to be operated upon.

 The doyen director is used by surgeons when they are operating around the pelvic region. The reason behind using this particular instrument is that since surrounding tissue needs to be kept safe and since the bladder is near the pelvic region, the doyen director is manufactured in the perfect way to keep the bladder safe as well as to protect the surrounding tissue from further damage. Different shapes, sizes and styles of the doyen director may be available so that the different sizes can be used on women with different anatomical structures.

 When wanting to buy the doyen director along with other gynecological instruments, pioneer surgical is the company you should purchase from. The material with which they manufacture these gynecological instruments is of high quality which ensures that the instrument is likely to last long. Not only is the manufacturing process given attention to but the packaging of instruments is also done with great care and consideration so that they remain intact during transportation and up until the time they are used by the medical professional.

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