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Episiotomy Braun-Sadler Scissor

Episiotomy Braun-Sadler Scissor

There are many medical procedures which take place in the field of medicine. Amongst these is the procedure called episiotomy.
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There are many medical procedures which take place in the field of medicine. Amongst these is the procedure called episiotomy. Episiotomy is a procedure in which gynecologists make an incision in the area between a woman’s vagina and the anus which is called the perineum. The reason behind conducting this procedure is so that the opening becomes larger which makes it easier for the woman to deliver her baby. There is some research available which states that the use of this procedure can be harmful for the mother however the use of the episiotomy procedure was very common in the past.

Episiotomy is a procedure in which scissors are used in making the incision. Scissors such as the Braun Sadler scissors may be used. The rationale behind making this incision is that it does not allow the perineum to tear while the delivery is taking place as the incision would already have been made. Since Braun Sadler scissors are associated with the process of delivery, these scissors are also known as a kind of gynecological instruments.

By making the incision using the Braun Sadler scissors, the gynecologist is able to control its angle as well as its depth which further allows the process of repair to be easier. However rather than helping the process of childbirth, episiotomy’s have been see to be a risk and can even cause further tearing.

It should be kept in mind that after the episiotomy has been conducted; the area where the incision was made is likely to remain tender and sore for a while. This makes it difficult for women to defecate or urinate and keeping the wound clean can also be difficult. The procedure may even cause further infections and might cause sexual intercourse to be painful and it is due to these risks that not many surgeons are appreciative of this procedure. The scissors used in making the incision however still contribute a lot to the field of gynecology.

The procedure of episiotomy is usually recommended by the doctor if the baby is very large and the perineum does not seem to be stretching to its maximum. Before the procedure is performed, the patient is spoken to and her consent is taken. After the procedure, the tear is stitched up and cleaned after which she is provided with instructions to keep the wound clean and to prevent further tearing from occurring.

There are some women who are not satisfied with having this procedure performed which is why they must speak with their gynecologist prior to the delivery. With the doctor knowing that the patient would not like this procedure conducted, the stretching of the perineum is begun weeks before the delivery by massaging it so that it can easily expand when the baby is being delivered.

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