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Handle for Surgical Blade no 4

Handle for Surgical Blade no 4

Surgical scalpels are amongst the most important instruments which are used by all doctors in the field of medicine irrespective of which division they work in.
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Surgical scalpels are amongst the most important instruments which are used by all doctors in the field of medicine irrespective of which division they work in. the scalpel contains a blade and a handle. The handle of the scalpel can be reused whereas the blade needs to be replaced after it is used. Technically, the blade of every scalpel is changed after being used only once, despite being used for making a small incision.

Blades are made according to the handles which they are meant to be fitted into which is why each handle has its own corresponding blade. The number 4 handle for example is bigger than the number 3 and the number 7 handle has a flat back and rounded front. Blades which can fit appropriately with number 4 handles are those which range between the shapes of 18 and 36 generally. Each handle is manufactured in a different way, again depending on the type of procedure it will be used to perform.

A scalpel is a knife which has a thin blade on it which is used in surgery to make incisions or for dissection. The handle of the scalpel is usually made out of steel or plastic; the two common materials with which most surgical and gynecological instruments are made. Scalpels made with steel however are much more expensive in comparison to those made in plastic since the quality of steel used is very high.

The length of each scalpel is different however the basic size of a surgical scalpel is 5 inches long. Screws are also attached to the handle so that the blades can be easily removed and replaced with new ones. Some scalpel handles which do not have screws come with a snap on feature which helps in securing the blade.

Since scalpel handles are more commonly known and distinguished due to the number they are given, it has been noted that there are some handles which are very commonly used. These are number 3, 4 and 7. The difference between each of these handles is that their size, shape and ridges vary. It also depends on whether the handle is made using stainless steel or chrome. There are even some scalpel handles which have rulers imprinted on them which allow surgeons to measure how long they want the incision to be. Scalpel handles with rulers on them may prove to be very useful for gynecologists in particular as it would allow them to measure how long the incision should be when they are performing deliveries. Hence, scalpels make an important part of gynecological instruments as well as other instruments.

Whether you are looking for number 3, 4 or 7 handles, you can find them at pioneer surgical along with other kinds of gynecological and surgical instruments. The quality of steel used to make these handles is extremely high and the way in which these instruments are manufactured allows extreme attention to detail to be added on to the instrument so that customers get only the best.

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