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Lotion Bowl

Lotion Bowl

There are some common instruments which are used by surgeons belonging to all kinds of medical fields. Amongst these instruments is the lotion bowl.
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There are some common instruments which are used by surgeons belonging to all kinds of medical fields. Amongst these instruments is the lotion bowl. This is an instrument which is used to hold lotion and any dressings which may be needed throughout the surgery.

Lotion bowls are generally round in shape and are deep so that a large quantity of liquid can be filled into it for the duration of the procedure. The shape is also such so that the instrument remains stable and so that the surgeon has easy access to it while working. Bowls come in a variety of sizes depending on the purpose for which they would be needed. Lotion bowls are used in all kinds of surgeries including gynecological surgeries since materials associated with cleaning the vaginal cavity for example may be placed in the bowl and hence these bowls are common gynecological instruments.

It is absolutely essential that before it is used, the lotion bowl is sterilized thoroughly. This reduces the possibility of germs to pass from one patient to the other. Since lotion bowls are to be reused, they are made with stainless steel so that they can be sterilized in the autoclave. It should be noted that the steel with which these bowls are made should be of high quality or else the bowl would lose its shape under the harsh temperatures and medicines with which it is washed in the sterilizing machine.

Sometimes, the surgeon may use the bowl for other purposes as well. Sponges, dressing and gauze may be kept in the lotion bowl if the procedure requires the use of these. Sponges are also important items to be used in a gynecological surgery and hence different bowls may contain each of these items. The assistant helping the surgeon is likely to make use of forceps to hand the surgeon with these materials so that they may be used. These lotion bowls may also be used to place used sponges and gauze from the surgery after they have soaked up fluids and blood.

Lotion bowls are actually a very important element of gynecological instruments. These instruments help in keeping the surgical room clean and organized so that objects can be handed to the surgeon as and when needed. It reduces the risks of mistakes being made and there is always somewhere to keep the used sponges and gauze. Another reason behind using lotion bowls is that by keeping everything in the bowl, the surgeon and assistant is able to keep track of the things which they have used in the surgery and once they are done, they can keep a count of the materials to ensure that nothing is left inside the patient.

Instruments such as the lotion bowl are important for gynecological procedures as well as other surgeries. When searching for the right place to buy these gynecological instruments, pioneer surgical is the company you want to buy from since they offer instruments made from the best materials, all of which have high quality and standards.

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