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Obstetrical Suction Pump

Obstetrical Suction Pump

Gynecology is a very popular field in medicine. There are special instruments which are made for this field, each of which performs a particular task.
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Gynecology is a very popular field in medicine. There are special instruments which are made for this field, each of which performs a particular task. One of the gynecological instruments which are commonly used is known as the obstetrical suction pump. This suction pump is commonly used when deliveries are being performed. Selecting the right kind of obstetrical suction pump will depend on what the gynecologist is more comfortable using, how much experience he/she has had with using the gynecological instrument since there is an alternative to the suction pump method of delivery which consists of making use of forceps. It also depends on what risks are associated with using the suction pump on a particular patient.

In order to ensure that the obstetrical suction pump is used appropriately and the goal of delivering a baby is achieved, the vacuum cup needs to be properly placed on to the scalp of the fetus; suction/pump of a certain degree must be applied so that the scalp of the baby can be sucked into the vacuum cup. Next, traction is applied along with contractions which are taking place so that the fetus can be delivered easily and much more quickly. Before making use of the obstetrical suction pump, the mother’s bladder must be completely empty and the right kind and amount of analgesia must also be provided to the mother. Throughout the usage of the obstetrical suction pump, the baby and the mother’s status should be monitored to ensure that the delivery process is going smoothly without any of their lives’ being risked. There are times when this gynecological instrument may not work and complications occur. If this happens, the gynecologist is required to stop making use of the suction pump and to resort to a caesarean delivery at once to avoid further complications.

The entire procedure using the obstetrical suction pump relies on the correct placing of the fetal scalp in to the suction cup. By placing the vacuum cup of the obstetrical suction pump, the descent of the baby will become easier and the risk to the baby will reduce. It will also reduce damage to the tissues which are present inside the birth canal. Once the cup has been placed onto the fetal scalp properly, the cup’s circumference must be swept so that no tissue remains trapped inside the vacuum cup. Before applying suction from the obstetrical suction pump, it should be ensured that the vacuum cup is properly placed onto the scalp. Once this has been ensured, pressure/suction can begin to be applied.

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