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Rectal Specula

Rectal Specula

When Rectal Specula are used for a rectum exam, it usually takes place in the doctor’s office.
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Rectal specula is a surgical device which is inserted into a patient’s anus so that it can be kept open for the surgeon to view it clearly while performing surgery or any kind of medical procedure.

The rectum is the last 8 inches of the large intestine. It stores the feces until they are ready to come pass through. There are certain conditions due to which rectal specula might have to be used. These conditions consist of tumors, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, inflammation or intestinal bleeding. When conditions such as the ones mentioned above are experienced, a rectal specula is made use of which is a tube and a set of blades which push the wall of the rectum aside so that the surgeon has a better view of the canal directly.

Speculums were initially made using metal however now this instrument is made with plastic. There are a variety of speculums available; rectal specula are one of them. A vaginal speculum is also used commonly by doctors however these are usually of the disposable kind so that they do not have to be sterilized after being used. The vaginal speculum can be made of plastic however rectal specula is normally made with metal as the likelihood of the plastic breaking is very high. pioneer surgical is the best place to buy speculums as the quality you will be provided with will be the best. When dealing with parts of the body, you need to use care and only the best of instruments and there is no better place to get them than pioneer surgical.

Rectal specula can have 3 blades in it which allows an even wider opening for the surgeon allowing a better and clearer view of the rectum. While conducting a colon exam for example, a 4 inch tube might be used.

When Rectal Specula are used for a rectum exam, it usually takes place in the doctor’s office. The patient is required to take off his clothes and lie in a position by which the doctor can easily access the anus. Before the rectal specula are inserted, the instrument is lubricated in order to ensure comfort. The patient is then asked to do an action similar to that of making a bowel movement after which he can relax. The doctor then inserts the instrument and with the help of a light is able to see whether any abnormalities are present. The result of these exams is generally available very soon.

Rectal specula may also be used for the purpose of a hemorrhoid ligation. A hemorrhoid is a vein inside the anus which tends to become swollen. Once the patient has been given anesthesia, a protoscope/anoscope is placed inside the rectum. The doctor then puts a rubber band on the base of the hemorrhoid to stop any further circulation. This will cause the hemorrhoid to die and prevent any further pain or discomfort to the patient.

pioneer surgical is the best place to get the best of surgical instruments, gynecological instruments and any other instruments you may need for medical purposes. The instruments they provide are very well appreciated by doctors due to being of high quality and long lasting.

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