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Spencer Ligature Scissors

Spencer Ligature Scissors

The Spencer Ligature Scissor is a type of scissor which is used in gynecology. It is used so that sutures can be made onto wounds using surgical thread.
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The Spencer Ligature Scissor is a type of scissor which is used in gynecology. It is used so that sutures can be made onto wounds using surgical thread.

The Spencer ligature scissor has two blades out of which one is usually rounded whereas the other blade is in the shape of a hook. This scissor is particularly helpful since it allows wounds and cuts to be stitched up. There are different kinds of ligature scissors which can be used however the one in question is particularly used for gynecology and hence is considered to be a gynecological instrument.

The Spencer ligature scissors and other types of surgical scissors are used to tie up structures such as blood vessels and tears which may cause bleeding. By tying these wounds up, surgeries are made easier since there is minimal bleeding involved. The process of tying off blood vessels is sometimes used to stop the growth of tumors which cannot be operated upon. By doing so, the blood vessels which supply blood to the tumor would be cut off and hence without blood, the tumor would not grow further and deteriorate. This method is used in all fields of medicine, including gynecology. When surgeons come across a cervical tumor for example which is inoperable, this may be one of the options which may be considered and perhaps even made use of.

There are different kinds of suture scissors which are able depending on the area on which they are meant to be used. The Spencer ligature scissor is one which is used when women may come to the gynecologist for surgeries. There are times when tears may occur; this is common during the procedure of childbirth. Other wounds and openings would also have to be closed up before infection spreads and within gynecology, the Spencer ligature scissor is a popular option since it is easy to make sutures and closes wounds very well.

Similar to other gynecological instruments, the Spencer ligature scissor may be manufactured in two kinds; reusable and those which can be disposed after one use. Those scissors which are to be reused are made with high quality steel so that the instrument can withstand the process of sterilization and not change in shape under the high temperatures and lighting. However Spencer ligature scissors which are made with stainless steel tend to be more expensive. Those which are disposable are less expensive and are usually supposed to be bought in bulk. These scissors can be reused after being used once and can be disposed of.

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