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Towel Clip

Towel Clip

A towel clip or a towel clamp as it may also be known is an instrument which is used when surgeries are performed.
Detailed Description

A Towel Clip or a Towel Clamp as it may also be known is an instrument which is used when surgeries are performed. A Backhaus towel clip is a kind of towel clip and it is used to secure draping and towels which are used while a medical procedure is being conducted. Not only are Backhaus towel clips used in the operating room but they are also made use of in physician’s clinic where procedures may be performed. An example of when the Backhaus towel clip may be used is when a woman goes to her gynecologist for a vaginal exam. A draping may be used to cover certain areas of the body while the procedure is being performed and this towel clip ensures that the draping stays in the required place. Hence, the Backhaus towel clip also comes under the category of a gynecological instrument.

Towel clips/clamps have handles which have a lock in them. The tip of the clip can either be pointed or curved and some even have teeth to provide a good grip. To be able to use the Backhaus towel clip, the surgeon or his assistant must open the clamp, place it where it may be required and then close the clamp again. The towel clip can be left closed and it does not move until the clamp is opened and the instrument is released.

Towel clips usually are used in the same way however depending on the manufacturer from whom you are buying the clip and the use for which it is intended, the design may vary. However overall, towel clips including the Backhaus towel clip are very easy to use. pioneer surgical is one company where you can get the best kind of Backhaus towel clip and other instruments. Made with keeping the best and highest quality standards, pioneer surgical always provides the best instruments.

The Backhaus towel clip can be found in two versions; disposable and re-usable. The reusable Backhaus towel clip is made using a high quality metal which allows it to be sterilized and withstand heat and pressure. Disposable one’s can be used once and thrown away. Both kinds have their own disadvantages. The reusable Backhaus towel clip needs larger amounts of space and energy to be sterilized every time after use whereas the disposable clips generate a larger amount of waste. However in terms of how each works, both instruments are great.

The Backhaus towel clip can be used in all kinds of specialties within the field of medicine. It is also helpful in grabbing a hold of skin, bone or myomas when the verres needle is being placed.

The Backhaus towel clip can be clamped on to the patient’s skin directly. The design of the towel clip is hence made in such a manner to avoid hurting the patient and to prevent any complications from occurring during and after surgery. The main of the Backhaus towel clip however is one which is essential for the field of medicine which is why every specialty makes use of this instrument. They keep the draping in place which ensures that the surgical site is kept sterile all the time.

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