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Uerine Sound

Uerine Sound

Uterine Sounds are gynecological instruments which are used to examine the vaginal cavity and to measure how deep the uterus actually is.
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Uterine Sounds are gynecological instruments which are used to examine the vaginal cavity and to measure how deep the uterus actually is.

Uterine sounds are inserted into the woman’s uterus from the cervix so that the length of the uterus can be determine and to find out what direction the uterus and the cervical canal take so that it can be determined the amount of dilation which has already taken place and to even further the dilation to the amount which is required.

Uterine sounds are gynecological instruments which may be used prior to performing embryo transfer. By determining how deep the uterus is and how long it is, it can be determined how the embryo would have to be transferred by making use of a catheter which is passed into the cervix. This procedure with the uterine sounds is performed before the intrauterine device is inserted into the uterus. By doing so, the risk of causing damage to the uterus with the intrauterine device is lowered.

There are different kinds of uterine sounds which are available and which may be used by the gynecologist. Uterine sounds may come with either a flat or a round end and these types are known as Sims uterine sounds. The other kind which is available is the Hegar dilator which has both ends rounded; it is a short instrument and slightly curved in terms of its shape.

Uterine sounds may also be used to enlarge the vagina. Sometimes, vaginal tissue may change over a period of time or perhaps due to some type of medical condition. This may cause the vagina to become smaller in size causing sexual intercourse and gynecological exams to become painful. When this happens, uterine sounds may be used to enlarge the vagina slowly so that these activities can be performed easily without any difficulty.

Uterine scoops are commonly made using plastic which is specifically available to be used by medical professionals. The tip of the gynecological instrument is usually rounded or tapered to an extent so that when it is being inserted into the cervix, it does not cause pain or discomfort. These gynecological instruments usually have a strong handle so that they can be gripped easily and to make sure that the instrument stays in place while it is being inserted. If a strong grip is not maintained, the procedure can prove to be very painful for the woman.

Different sizes of uterine scoops may be available for every woman since the size of the cervix may be different for each woman. Differing sizes allows the gynecologist to use only that instrument which fits properly into the cervix and does not cause much pain.

When looking for a variety of uterine scoops in terms of shapes, designs and sizes, pioneer surgical should be contacted. pioneer surgical has a large variety of gynecological instruments available including uterine scoops. These instruments are made with high grade materials and packed under strict conditions to provide customers with the best kind of gynecological instruments.

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