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Uterine Curette

Uterine Curette

Curettes are instruments used in the field of medicine which are specially made to scrape any surface such as tissue or anything inside an opening in the body.
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Curettes are instruments used in the field of medicine which are specially made to scrape any surface such as tissue or anything inside an opening in the body. There are many kinds of curettes out of which uterine curettes are used in the field of gynecology and hence come under the category of gynecological instruments.

Uterine curettes are only one kind of curettes and these are specifically used in a woman’s vagina to scrape tissue for example for examination purposes. Usually, tissue is scraped off to send it for biopsy or autopsy when this is conducted during a surgery.

There are many companies which sell uterine curettes however pioneer surgical is one company which provides some of the best medical instruments. Their quality standards, materials used and packaging quality are the best which anyone can find and customers who deal with pioneer surgical are always happy with the service they are provided with. It does not matter what kind of curette you are looking for or for what procedure, pioneer surgical will provide you with all kinds.

Uterine curettes are available in both disposable versions as well as those which can be reused. There are different designs of curettes available since each can be used for various purposes. Curettes as well as uterine curettes are usually designed to be hand held and come with a scoop shaped tip. The tip of the curette can be at an angled and the blade can be sharp as well; it simply depends on the purpose for which the curettes are being used. If the curettes do not have an angled tip, they may have softened edges which can be used to ensure that the patient does not get hurt. Uterine curettes generally have softened edges because this particular curette is used in a very sensitive area.

When curettes are used, the procedure which is performed is known as curettage. Curettage is the actual name given to the procedure in which curettes such as uterine curettes may be used in removing tissue. Uterine curettes are generally very small and hence can only be used in removing small amounts of soft tissue. When larger amounts of tissue would have to be removed, curettes would not be the ideal choice. These are more preferable for the removal of small amounts of tissue.

If the uterine curettes being used are made out of stainless steel, it would be possible to reuse them and hence they would have to be sterilized. Reusable uterine curettes would have to be made in strong steel which can bear heat and pressure and these gynecological instruments would have to be cleaned with harsh antiseptics. However if the uterine curettes are made to be disposed of, they are generally very lightweight and can be used only once. No matter what kind you are looking for, pioneer surgical has the entire variety of instruments and finding the one you need would be plain and simple. The grades of material used by pioneer surgical are always of the highest quality which ensures excellent results.

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