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Uterine Dialater

Uterine Dialater

Uterine Dilators are gynecological instruments which are used to enlarge a woman’s vagina.
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Uterine Dilators are gynecological instruments which are used to enlarge a woman’s vagina.

The tissue in the vagina changes over time due to various conditions and treatments. These conditions cause changes in the vagina which can make sexual intercourse and vaginal exams painful at times. This is when a woman is advised to make use of a uterine dilator to expand the uterine tissues and hence expand the vagina.

Using uterine dilators can be difficult for some women but having the best quality of these instruments helps. pioneer surgical manufactures some of the best gynecological instruments, all type of surgical instruments and more. By purchasing high quality products from pioneer surgical, the usage of these instruments becomes less painful.

Before using the uterine dilator, the gynecological instrument should be washed properly with soap and water. A lubricant is also applied to the tip of the instrument to make it easier to insert into the woman’s vagina. It is therefore advised that the woman lies on her back and relaxes with her legs apart so that the uterine can be expanded.

Uterine dilators are commonly used during labor and while delivering a baby. The cervix needs to be opened in order for the baby to come out which is when uterine dilators are used to open the cervix in diameters to 9 cm. this gynecological instrument is used to aid the cervix to open to the required measurement so that the baby can pass out with ease.

Uterine dilators are also used when conducting outpatient procedures and surgeries.

Uterine dilators are usually made out of plastic which is appropriate for medical use. In order to be inserted with ease, the tip of the instrument is rounded and/or tapered. Most uterine dilators have a strong handle so that the surgeon can hold the instrument properly and with a firm grip. There are many sizes in which the uterine dilators can be found. This is because the smallest dilator is needed when the process of widening the vagina has become. Gradually, larger uterine dilators may be needed as the vagina would have expanded and relaxed to the expansion of tissues.

Uterine dilators may be used by women on their own or they could also be used by surgeons when performing exams or surgeries. When using the uterine dilators at home, a woman should ensure that she follows the appropriate directions given by the doctor or else internal organs could be seriously damaged. It depends on the condition for which uterine dilators are used which directs how far up the uterine wall the dilator should be inserted.

When looking for uterine dilators or dilators for any other purpose, pioneer surgical should definitely be at the top of your list. They make all kinds of surgical instruments, gynecological instruments. You will find all kinds of sizes and designs at pioneer surgical along with excellent quality packaging. Each of these instruments can easily be sterilized and hence can be reused as well.

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